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Holiday in Japan

By Narrato team

 Oct 30, 2:09PM

 Oct 29 Moves

Walking — 6168 Steps, 4.645 km

 Oct 25, 2:37PM

The famous bullet train

 Oct 22 Moves

Walking — 6138 Steps, 4.792 km

 Oct 20, 11:21AM

Something more familiar

 Oct 18, 1:19PM

I'm really enjoying my time here so far. Seeing so many things I've never seen before is the best part. The food is unique and takes some getting used to, and there's so much to choose from.

 Oct 16, 2:39PM

Cycling is always a great way to get around

 Oct 15, 2:39PM

 Oct 15, 2:39PM

 Oct 15, 2:21PM

We all have our differences based on the cultures were raised in, but once you peel back the superficiality of it all, we are all pretty much the same.

 Oct 14, 5:05PM

The presentation is as important as the taste

 Oct 14, 3:37PM

 Oct 14, 11:41AM

 Oct 14, 11:39AM

- awesome

 Oct 13, 8:51PM

Fanta looks strange

 Oct 13, 7:21PM

 Oct 13, 2:39PM

 Oct 13 Moves

Walking — 7152 Steps, 5.974 km

 Oct 9, 7:03PM

Just arrived Tokyo!

 Oct 9, 5:15PM

KFC at 37,000 feet

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